E-Farming and
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Wireless Green house/E-farming Monitoring Solution

With the development of science and technology and the large-scale production of agriculture, there is a need/demand for scientific planting and modern management. Wireless Smart Farming embracing IoT technology will relieve the farmers from many challenges and improve the processes, equipment, systems & better farming.

Smart devices will help the farming community to maximize agricultural production. Smart Agriculture solutions can help to improve crop yield and overall efficiencies within farming. Agricultural land often spans a wide area, making monitoring qualities such as soil moisture a time-consuming job.

With the use of Wireless IoT sensors, you can remotely monitor a range of factors enabling you to make more informed decisions and streamline your processes. WatchNET facilitates the farmers with smart farming solution & automate agriculture process, irrigation, and fertigation combats the risk associated with environmental conditions, reducing time, energy, and saving resources.

Managing the systems from a remote location, automating the farming process, tracking critical conditions, reducing equipment costs, and boosting overall efficiency & high yield.

1) The soil sensor can collect the content of various nutrients in the soil and provide data basis for scientific planting.

2) Air quality and meteorological sensors provide data for dealing with disaster weather and reducing losses.

3) The positioning sensor can track the position of vehicles and farm tools and effectively manage assets.

WatchNET supplies soil sensors, air quality, and meteorological sensors, as well as positioning sensors, which can collect all-around data from the farm.

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BENEFITS of Monitoring
Green house farms
using IoT

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Benefits of Using WatchNET IoT

WatchNET IoT platform is based on wireless LoRa Technology that gives exceptional, long-range connectivity. This new technology will reduce installation time by avoiding expensive wiring costs. Because all devices are wireless, they can be moved around to accommodate the configuration changes in a growing pattern from time to time.

Long battery life ensures a worry-free performance for up to FIVE YEARS.

Smart gateway controllers are connected to the platform which can send out visual alerts that are customizable. An interactive and customized dashboard display gives up to the minute environmental information of the facility and the type of notification could be of your choice.

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