Cold Storage Automation and
Climate Controlled Storage

Cold storage automation or special climate-controlled facilities like laboratories are at risk when the environment is not scrutinized. Vaccines that are not stored and administered under ideal conditions cannot ensure the effect that’s intended by the manufacturer.

Cold storage automation for food and also warehouses need to be under similar environmentally monitored conditions.

Government electronic compliance records and exchange of health information put much pressure on employees to keep up-to-date logs in their storage.

An automated process by the WatchNET IoT platform makes things easier for employees and corporations.

Benefits of Using WatchNET IoT

The wireless monitoring system provides improved, local and real-time surveillance of critical storage unit parameters. The sensors are easy to install and manage. Our products are highly energy-efficient and offer a long battery life, which is beneficial for storage. Our water leak sensors can send out alerts before any damage can occur. By maintaining the temperature of the warehouse, the critical samples can be preserved for a longer time, thus improving the quality of the products and company’s image.