IoT for Restaurant and Food Industries

Futuristic IoT solution for Restaurants and Food Industries

Manual tracking of freezers and refrigerator temperatures is time-consuming and cumbersome. Temperature variations of freezers may harm food, equipment, and inventory loss.

Food safety compliance is a vital factor that is always associated with environmental conditions. 

The labor-intensive process will lead to erroneous data available in the logbook. Managing the associated equipment should be flawless, with a good Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing operation costs, improving performance, preserving the equipment with the current market trend, and complying with local regulations/food safety. Take the proactive measure and resolve the issues ahead before they might develop into more major issues.

WatchNET IoT’s Wireless Environmental Solution is ideal for Smart Building Automation, HVAC & Security.

Why do we need IoT in the Restaurants and Food industry today? Supermarkets, Restaurants and Franchise Stores are becoming very busy these days as people prefer eating out and spending time in choosing their food supplies carefully. With these changes happening rapidly, it is a must that day-to-day operational challenges require environmental monitoring. Monitoring in restaurants must not become an added burden to the food industry or an added task to their already busy schedule.

WatchNET IoT industrial quality wireless devices can be installed to monitor and measure key metrics through IoT for restaurants and the food industry to ensure compliance that are required in the facility.

Our devices not only monitor the environment but also help understand the behavior of their employees and understand the efficiency of their equipment. that will convert to energy savings and provide a quick return on investment.

in Restaurants and Food Industries

BENEFITS of Monitoring Restaurants and Food Industries

after Installing IoT Sensors

Benefits of Using WatchNET IoT

WatchNET IoT platform is based on wireless LoRa Technology that gives exceptional, long-range connectivity. This new technology will reduce installation time by avoiding expensive wiring costs. Because all devices are wireless, they can be moved around to accommodate the configuration changes in a growing pattern from time to time.

Long battery life ensures a worry-free performance for up to FIVE YEARS.

Smart gateway controllers are connected to the platform which can send out visual alerts that are customizable. An interactive and customized dashboard display gives up to the minute environmental information of the facility and the type of notification could be of your choice.

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