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WatchNET IoT is a platform where you can monitor your facilities by installing WatchNET IoT wireless sensors and gateway to make your business more efficient and effective. All our products are wireless making them easier to install and maintain. The WatchNET IoT platform is designed in a way that it caters to your specific needs by customizing the software based on your needs. 

Yes, it is required to buy a WatchNET IoT gateway with the sensor if you already don’t have one. Sensors report to the gateway and the gateway reports to cloud. View Products

The range of LoRa in theory is said to be more than 5KM in line of sight. But in practical all the wave hindrances in the real world affect the frequency range. Hence each facility might have different effects on the Sensor range. View Sensors

No, you can only add 100 devices to WLRI-G11 and 50 devices to WLRI-G12. This is for the most efficient reporting and less packet loses.

WatchNET IoT gateway has the ability to work on a 4G dongle. But it is recommended to connect the devices directly to the internet to avoid packet losses. 

Some of the WatchNET IoT sensors can be operated by events that occur. One example is, WatchNET IoT Automatic Valve Shutoff can be used to turn off a valve automatically when the Water Leak Detectors detect a water leak. Please contact your dealer if you have any specific questions or applications related to linkages.