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About WatchNET IoT

WatchNET IoT is one of the leading technology companies in Security & Automation industry. Since our founding in 2000, we have been providing highly developed, competitively priced products/solutions. WatchNET is a global company with locations in Canada, USA & UAE with fully functional offices & facilities.

Coupled with numerous partnerships across the globe, WatchNET has become a truly international solution provider in both Security & Automation. We design, engineer, & develop our own solutions which ensure seamless system functionality with almost zero defects in our deliverables.


With our dedication to quality and attentive customer service, WatchNET has excelled in developing cutting-edge products/solutions to a new level. WatchNET IoT predominantly focuses on Wireless Environmental Monitoring Sensors (LoRa, LoRaWAN, NB-IOT, BLE & Zigbee etc..), Gateway, Interface, Accessories & Cloud based Automation Software embracing IoT.

WatchNET IoT provides unsurpassed products & solutions in ‘Wireless Environmental Monitoring Solution’ for every industry it touches where mission-critical monitoring solution & respond to instant environmental changes with over 100+ wireless IoT sensors.

Why WatchNET IoT?

We have dedicated ourselves to providing consistent product enhancements, innovation, and product improvements that meet the changing needs of all industries. WatchNET IoT leads the way in “Wireless Environmental Monitoring System”, with a track record of inspiring, effective, real-world solutions for our customers. We have delivered intelligent smart monitoring solutions to every industry in touches.

Our IoT solution improves operational performance, increases the value you offer to customers, reduces costs, and creates safer, more secure environments.

Thanks to our integrated approach, collective experience with professional workflow mean we can deliver the finest technology for you at the right price. Our professional team consist of solution architects, wireless specialists, hardware & software which brings an effective solution. Taking you in the right direction