Environmental Monitoring System Using IOT: Air Quality, Water & Electricity.

Environmental Monitoring System Using IoT

Environmental monitoring system collects and analyze important data from the physical world, be it a commercial space or your organization’s premises. It determines the status and provides insights into the quality of environmental elements such as air, water and even electricity

How adept is a business manager at handling technology? If it is not his or her forte, how simple is it to survive in a business environment which requires data collection and analysis to bring better understanding and management? A facilities manager needs to evaluate data and bring insights to help improve the system and this is made easy using the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ today. Here’s how:

Air Quality Monitoring:

Better Air Quality, Better Employee Performance 

Air pollution is a global concern today. Monitoring the quality of air in your office environment, especially in factories and mills, helps take care of employee health and improves the productivity. Pollutant concentration is heavily affected by wind and topography of a place and having IoT-based sensors to read temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, Nitrogen, Sulphur and wind speed helps determine the air quality in a workplace. This data will identify the intensity and the source of the pollution too.

The network of data using the ‘Internet of Things’ model is ideal for monitoring and optimizing indoor air quality and environment.  

Electricity Monitoring:

Save Energy, Avoid Wastage and Optimize Operational Cost 

The electric power monitoring systems track and control power equipment in buildings & facilities. This comes in as a great utility in an organization with the use of IoT to monitor energy function, consumption, and conservation. 

IoT-based environmental monitoring systems help in the early detection of power interruptions and help restore electricity. Power demand monitoring and alarm notification functions identify issues, locate abnormalities and deal with it asap. 

Water Leakage Monitoring: 

Timely Detection with State-of-the-art Monitoring Systems

IoT-based water management system is a great advantage to any workplace as it provides you with up-to-date and automatic data transmission regarding water loggers. This saves time on manual work while also providing data for analysis and monitoring the condition of the network over a period of time. This reduces emergencies or losses related to water leakage or scarcity. 

A good environmental monitoring system using IoT will integrate the pipeline network with the cloud so it can retrieve data pinpointing water leakage on time, indicate frequency of issues, and help with remote configurations as required. 

Water quality monitoring makes sure the network of pipelines connected is checked for salinity, Oxygen and pH levels, conductivity, contaminants, and Sulphate. Smart data sensing provides insights that helps make better management decisions.

IoT-based Environmental Monitoring System is the Future  

Environmental monitoring using the Internet of Things (IoT) can help to protect organizational resources through predictive analysis, machine learning, alerts, and real-time data. It provides business managers in-depth understanding of various aspects of the organization from air quality to electricity usage, in turn optimizing employee productivity. 

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