Industries and Factories

Industries, Factories and large establishments share similar challenges in environmental monitoring. Many aspects such as water leak, temperature, humidity, air quality, level of carbon dioxide and so on have to be monitored constantly. Many times changing configurations of floor layouts need relocating of these sensors for optimum results.

WatchNET wireless sensors are easy and simple to use because of the long-range signals. Preventive and predictive maintenance suggestions from our IoT platform can ensure smooth operations and very low downtime.

WatchNET IoT offers fully scalable environmental monitoring solutions to help keep an eye on the maintenance of machines with a variety of sensors.

Benefits of Using WatchNET IoT

WatchNET IoT wireless monitoring sensors and gateways analyze metrics such as monitoring humidity, temperature, light, pollutants, pressure and others in different zones of any facility. Wireless long-range communication devices are easy to install, and our unique way of power-saving engineering techniques will give up to 5 years of battery life. WatchNET IoT platform gives instant alerts and also provides customized reports and long-time data storage. Our gateways are intelligent to make single or multiple linkages by machine-to-machine communication (M2M) with or without the connection to the cloud. Long-range low power communication can penetrate through concrete and steel, and that helps making installation easy.