The future of food: IoT for restaurants

Connectivity is no longer a distant dream! We are all connected globally and what made this feat possible is the Internet of Things (IoT). While IoT has transformed every field we know of, IoT for restaurants is helping the food industry adapt to the latest technology. With hospitality and service as the key component, restaurants stand to benefit from the various streamlined operations that might make it possible to connect devices at each step of the restaurant, starting right at the customer’s table. Just as the internet revolution of the early 2000s, IoT for restaurants promises a positive changeover for the food industry!


IoT is the possibility of connecting everything to everyone in any part of the world. IoT sensors and devices have made it possible to connect even the most basic of objects like coffee makers and air conditioners to ease our lives in all ways possible. With all communication automated and online, imagine what this can do to the restaurants! While we already seem to experience a level of connectivity in the form of tablets to place your order, which is directly transmitted to the restaurant’s kitchen, implementing the complete IoT solutions for restaurants can give an entire personalized experience for the customer. With a connected kitchen with IoT network in place, seamless operation on  a daily basis becomes possible.


For those of you wondering what a connected kitchen could do to revamp the traditional way restaurants have been working on for so many years, be prepared to be amazed! IoT solutions for restaurants involves sensors, gateways, a cloud server and APP. Sensors attached to various kitchen equipment help monitor the temperature, humidity, activity, voltage and other parameters – without the need for human intervention. These devices then pass on the collected data to a cloud server and are enabled to point to red flags through an email or a text message. The data, otherwise collected is then analyzed to improve efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction and the overall experience offered. IoT implementation not only enables you a hold on the data, it also gives you an insight into your daily operations, inventory, energy management, the quality of food, wastage involved and predictive equipment maintenance reports.


With such seamless job, it would seem inappropriate to not implement IoT solutions in the food industry. While you may be worried about the costs involved, which they pay for themselves in the value they bring, the benefits outweigh any initial hesitation:


  • Smart Kitchen Equipment & Monitoring With IoT sensors and devices, it is easy to monitor refrigeration & other parameters remotely, use each equipment to their fullest capacity, automated order placement reduces the lag time, RFID and barcode scanner help maintain quality and predictive trouble shooting prevents equipment failure and repair costs.
  • Energy Efficiency – IoT helps maximize efficiency by reducing the expenses on HVAC, refrigeration and lighting. With temperature control and smart equipment, energy consumption is drastically reduced.
  • Improved Customer Experience – With an advanced technological restaurant comes an unique dining experience. Being a service industry, customer satisfaction is crucial for a restaurant’s success and IoT enables a personalized experience, thereby leaving the guests wanting for more.


As newer technologies arise, we will have to blend in and leverage it to our advantage. With your kitchen upgraded and your staff on their toes with a smart management system, you can stay on top and deliver an experience one can’t forget. While the industry is age old, the way you operate need not! Upgrade, invest and reap the benefits!