The ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ Trends 2020

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The Internet of Things has a role to play in everything especially in a business environment. Your organization requires this booming technology not only to keep in pace with the world but to make life easier for your employees.

IoT connects all your devices to the network and makes data accessible to everyone on it. Today you can simply manage it all through a high-performing mobile app, from your storage system to commercial office automation for various industries: Food & Beverage, Inventory management, Water Leakage Systems, Farming, Data Centers, Fitness Centres, Factories, and whatnot!

Did you know that the number of IoT devices reached 9.5 billion in 2019? The estimated numbers were only 8.3 billion. The advent of IoT and its applications makes a huge difference in technological innovations today. This is definitely the future and here’s what we can expect this year and next…

Blockchain Security Security is always a primary concern in data solutions automation. The research to use blockchain technology as a measure to increase the security while using IOT should and will require more attention and investment this year.

Nano Satellites Many companies have released IoT Nano Satellite services that provide connectivity with an ‘omnipresent’ network. This has benefited industries such as fuel, transport, and even farming. ‘Smart farming’ or ‘eFarming’ is the most advanced and extremely useful advantage of IoT.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning All types of data collection and transmission are augmented through this technology. But analysing the information is what makes the most of this. analysing this data represents the real added value that IoT can bring. Data analysis and Machine Learning will be a mandatory skillset soon for decision makers and top management in any organization.

SaaS Service Model for Customers The most happening thing that early adopters of technology (industries and organizations), is the ‘Software-as-a-Service’ application made available to customers. These trends help both as a managed application as well as a marketing (customer service) tool for companies. as well as organizations in outsourcing IT software applications.

Global Transmission and Connectivity Still a work-in-progress, IoT research is completely into transmitting data world over, as more organizations start to work internationally. Increased reach, tracking mechanism, always-on connectivity, consistency and security always on the radar for improvement, as we advance technologically. Will provide a solution to many industries such as Data Centers, Farming, Gym, Swimming Pool, Apartment Facility Management, Air Condition, Food & Restaurants, Supply Chain Management, Water Metering, Lighting Control, Energy Healthcare and more…

Integration and Framework For any software development project to be successful, the framework must be integrated well to a central platform. Edge computing has taken over cloud computing now, and this has the advantage of storing and managing large data in a local device and deciding what to send to the cloud later.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) As mentioned earlier, security is the biggest challenge for any growing technology such as IoT. Big Data Analytics identifies and reduces risks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps with environmental protection, reducing waste, electricity usage, air and water pollution, you name it! And we are already approaching much better data analysis with the upcoming IoT apps. IoT technology is here to stay and develop into an essential part of life, making it comfortable, process-efficient and helps take educated decisions, both for an individual and an organization.

Get ready to change the world!

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