Top 20 Questions and Answers on data center security and Internet of things IoT in 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by a storm. The recent IoT trends and IoT solutions are ramping up the technological advancements and organizations around the world can benefit stand to benefit from this. And this huge growth in IoT solutions has a great impact on the data center management. IoT in data centers is becoming a common scenario. IoT sensors and devices are used to ensure optimal performance of critical data center to maximize efficiency at lower operating costs.


With about 50 million connected devices worldwide, it is mind numbing to imagine the amount of data being generated. The data thus generated has to be collated and stored for future analysis. And data centers play a huge role in this. If you are still in doubt about the why’s and how’s of IoT in data center, the following Q&A is for you!

1. Is the traditional data center facility unsuitable for today’s storage?

Increasing data will require greater storage space and robust distribution strategies.

2. How will the flow of data be managed?

Data center solutions companies have to now increase their inbound data width to adapt to higher bandwidth requirements.

3. How can IoT transform the data center industry?    

IoT can help optimize client data flow, security, storage requirements and access capacity. 

4. Is this transformation digital?

 Yes, digital transformation is the core element of IoT and analytics and data centers will undergo their own        process of digitization.

5. Is the process automated?

Yes, tasks such as patching, monitoring, updating and scheduling are all remotely managed using algorithm         based IoT devices.

6. How about maintenance?

IoT allows for early detection of deviations in the data center and provide scope for predictive maintenance,            thereby reducing costs and resource time.

7. So, IoT must be draining out the energy?

            IoT allows data centers to run without using excess energy. IoT helps make data centers more sustainable.

8. What innovations in IoT bringing to the data center?

AI-powered data centers, underwater data centers, IoT managed data centers and so on.

9. Is the process safe and secure?

Integration of IoT into data center will require stringent security requirements , without compromising  the infrastructure of the network.

10. What is use of IoT in analytics?

IoT provides opportunities for analytics , which helps interpretation and analysis for continuous improvements of the data center.

11. What is distributed processing and analytics?

Data centers are growing to be more distributed and decentralized to support local processing and ease of management.

12. What is edge computing?

Edge computing is done at or near the source of data, instead of relying on a central cloud server.

13. How does edge computing help in data centers?

Edge computing is the next stage of cloud storage, data centers will see a shift in maintaining and updating of data centers.

14. What is the advantage of minimal latency?

With edge computing in data centers, processors closer to cluster of appliances could improve processing time, making real-time analytics feasible

15. How is this economical?

Unlike large data center complexes, the power consumed for cooling is less and hence cost efficient.

16. Is edge computing fast?

By reducing latency, edge computing is faster.

17. How is this model scalable?

Computing, storage and analytical capabilities are bundled into devices with smaller foot-prints, thereby making expanded data collection a reality.

18. Is this system reliable?

Edge computing reduces the amount of data flowing due to the geographical location, thereby data can be rerouted through multiple pathways to ensure constant access to information.

19. Is this profitable?

Yes, with cost effectiveness and low power consumption, this is highly profitable.

20. Must be expensive?

Of-course not! With sustainable and flexible data centers, a greener and efficient solution is worth the initial set up cost.


With ever increasing data, security and robustness have to be considered primarily and IoT fits the bill perfectly. With teh implementation of IoT, the data center industry can reinvent itself and results in an environmentally friendly solution. With many such benefits, it is time to embrace the change and combat the challenges!

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