Transform the way we live – IoT in Condominiums

IoT has transformed many aspects of our daily life. And the most significant change is how the recent IoT trends have changed the way we work and the way we live. There has been a rise in the use of IoT in Condominiums, Apartments & Communities. People are not soaring any expense to jazz up their condominiums to turn it into a “smart” apartment. Being connected has now become literally a reality!

Connected cities are becoming the future. And now connected homes are here. IoT devices and sensors are slowing finding their way into families. About 50% of the population already own a virtual personal assistant like Alexa or Echo. These devices and other latest technology in IoT allow you to use smartphones to stay connected. And with such connectivity, switching on devices and locking & unlocking of doors is now possible remotely. IoT trends in condominiums have given rise to a robust network that automate tasks and offer a smooth experience for home owners.

So, if you are wondering what can be achieved by the touch of a button on your smartphone by the use of IoT trends, here is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Smart Appliances – Home Automation is the new trend in town! Smart thermostats to voice activated coffee makers, smart refrigerators to button controlled doors – you imagine and it is available. The smart appliance market has reached about $37.2 billion in 2020 and is only expected to go up further. The days are not far where smart kitchens no longer mean smart appliances in the kitchen, but one which can cook food for you.
  • Smart Technology – IoT in condominiums helps conserve ecosystem with the eco-friendly technology. Solar panels, green roofs, green buildings, rainwater harvesting and reusability of water – all these reduce the energy consumption, thereby reducing the additional costs and resources.
  • Smart Security – Safety is foremost when considering renting or purchasing a condominium. With IoT devices and sensors, security measures are now more advanced. Live video surveillance helps monitor your home in real time. Smart doors with¬† a number combination keypad or fingerprint access eliminate the need for keys, thereby reducing hassles and increasing security.
  • Smart Buildings – Condominiums are multi-storey buildings and involve a lot of communication and maintenance. Right from security at the front desk to any other maintenance requests, it is not easy to find the right person. With facial recognition and fingerprint access at the security gate, to a centralized system to handle requests, smart buildings are automated, another cap to the smart condos.

Home automation is no longer a sci-fi movie scene. High-tech homes are already in and are continuing to improve. With unprecedented benefits to the residents using smart technology to integrate IoT devices with the entire network, smart condos offer comfort, convenience and a luxurious lifestyle to the residents. With a secure system in place and smart appliances to make your life easier, smart condos are set to become the most sought aftermarket in the future!