Why Automation is a necessity for a Cold Storage Environment

Cold Storage – as the name implies is a storage place which is cold enough to store and handle perishable and temperature sensitive products. Cold storage is a process of storing and transporting goods, while maintaining the temperatures as required. With such importance given to cold storage to avoid wastage of food and protecting the goods, it is of paramount importance to automate cold storage facilities. And with the recent rise in the use of technology and IoT solutions, cold storage automation is evolving to deliver goods in top notch condition!


The global cold chain is expected to grow at about 15% over the next few years, from what was $168 billion in 2018. One might wonder what the use of an automated cold storage is, when the traditional way works just fine. Automated storage and retrieval systems, automated picking systems, automated conveyors and so on are developed to ensure overhead costs are low and to create the right strategy for unique business solution. When it comes to cold storage, balancing the costs, efficiency and labour requirement are most essential and to overcome these challenges, specially designed automated cold storage as per the requirement is the only solution. And all this is possible due to the various IoT trends and devices, which are in use worldwide.


With a broad perspective on why automated cold storage is a viable option, let us now consider why it is advantageous to any business:


  • Lesser Operating Costs – Automated cold storages reduce the variable costs because of the reduced labour involved to manually lift, store and monitor the goods. These costs also include the overtime charges, benefits provided and the total cost of the labour involved.
  • Right way to Operate – Maintaining the right temperatures is the key to a successful cold storage facility. With significant heat transfer between +5 degrees and -25 degrees, a few operational changes are required to avoid such instabilities. Dual acting door for a stable temperature, conveyor to move stock without the need to open and close doors often and harnessing the power of data collected to optimally use the storage space help maintain the cold storage in the long run.
  • Save on Energy – Dividing your warehouse into different zones according to the varying temperature needs, helps make huge energy savings. This helps increase efficiency while storing various products under the same roof, thereby helping in cutting costs.
  • Easy Monitoring & TransparencyWith the human involvement at the very least, it leaves no space for manual errors. Automated monitoring results in identifying service issues and faulty foods much earlier, thereby leaving you with enough time to take corrective action. Flaws are easily identified and the blind spots in the system are drastically reduced.
  • Safer than ever – With decreased human involvement, repetitive tasks which result in fatigue and increase the risk of injury are eliminated, thereby reducing the chances of error and injury. Mistakes are less, thereby improving efficiency and the human mind can be put to better use.


A change in lifestyle demands more consumption of food and in the recent years cold storages have cropped up rampantly. To protect the health of its consumers, food chains have to invest in an automated cold storage for the strict monitoring of the food products and ensuring real time traceability. With a low adoption rate to the automated facility, it is necessary for businesses to make the shift for a sustainable and flourishing business.