Wireless Smart Building Automation (IoT)

Wireless Smart Building Automation (IoT)

Scalable, Cost-Effective and Robust Wireless Connectivity for Smart Buildings. Fast & easy implementation / seamless integration with existing equipment.

In today’s scenario, the property management companies are struggling with capital expenses & operational costs associated with multiple large buildings owning to unpredictable/varying occupancy levels.

Facility manager can diagnose abnormalities that require intervention before failures occur and schedule proactive condition-based maintenance & associated equipment upgrades opportunity swiftly.

Updating the associated equipment should be fast, consider the Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing operation costs, improving building performance, occupational comfort, and preserving the facility with the current market trend.

WatchNET IoT provides Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Water Leak Detection, PH7, Air Velocity, Differential Air Pressure,  Accelerometer, and AC Current Meter Sensors to buildings to provide an overall building and HVAC remote monitoring solution.
Take the proactive measure & resolve the issues ahead before they might develop into more major issues. WatchNET IoT’s Wireless Environmental Solution is ideal for Smart Building Automation, HVAC & Security.

HVAC equipment experience seasonal rising & decreasing of temperature variations which results the occupational comfort.

  • Proactively managing the Air Conditioning equipment from breakdown during the peak summertime.
  •  Preventing failures of heating / boilers during the colder times
  • Protecting properties from vulnerability of sick building syndrome 
    • Extending the life of HVAC resources
    • Protecting assets (equipment), periodical maintenance/fixes & Energy audits

in Smart Building Automation

  • Managing the Air Conditioning equipment from breakdown during the peak summer & preventing failures of heating equipment during colder months.
  • Equipment damages from severe temperature changes & water leak etc…
  • Equipment breakdown will consistently result in significant repair & replacement cost
  • Occupational discomfort & air quality resulting sick building syndrome
  • Protecting assets (equipment), periodical maintenance/fixes & Energy audits
  • Struggling to lower capital expenses & operational costs of multiple facilities
  • Real-time Monitoring of assets in the facility even remotely
  • Alerts: Duct temperature, air quality, motor power draw, vibration, thermostat, differential pressure, current meters, lighting, security, fire, water leak & more…
  • Maintain the controlled environment / equipment & evade from spoilage
  • Monitor equipment performance & fix them on time
  • Prevent down time and costly damage due to equipment malfunctioning 
  • Eliminate replacement cost & fix the problems proactively
  • Quick installation of wireless devices & ease of operations
  • Energy saving, maintenance, flexible, innovative & easy adaptability

Monitoring Smart Building Automation


after Installing IoT Sensors

  • Prevent down time and costly damage due to malfunctioning of equipment
  • Leverage inexpensive wireless devices that can retrofit an existing building to monitor & control critical systems
  • Real-time cloud visualization & operational status of the assets (anytime & anywhere)
  • Adaptability of OT (operational technology) with innovative technology
  • Overcomes the cost, scalability and interference challenges of legacy equipment with future-proof IoT connectivity
  • Saving operational cost, minimal downtime & better RoI
  • Better performance, intelligent control, quick detections & secured

Benefits of Using WatchNET IoT

WatchNET IoT platform is based on wireless LoRa Technology that gives exceptional, long-range connectivity. This new technology will reduce installation time by avoiding expensive wiring costs. Because all devices are wireless, they can be moved around to accommodate the configuration changes in a growing pattern from time to time.

Long battery life ensures a worry-free performance for up to FIVE YEARS.

Smart gateway controllers are connected to the platform which can send out visual alerts that are customizable. An interactive and customized dashboard display gives up to the minute environmental information of the facility and the type of notification could be of your choice.

Our Sensors that suits best for Smart Building Automation