Wireless Pulse Counter Interface

Model Number : WLRC-I11

The device is connected with two pulse detection interfaces, which can calculate the number of pulses and send the detected number of pulses to the gateway display. It uses the SX1276 wireless communication module.
The purpose of the Pulse counter is to count the number of pulses during a specified amount of time. The time is dictated by the signal on the start/stop pin. When the start/stop pin is high, the algorithm is counting pulses.


• Super Long Range Signal Penetration
• 5 years plus Battery Life*
• Easy Installation
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
• Improved interference immunity
• Encrypt-RF™ Security
(Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC
for sensor data messages)
• Over-the-air updates
• Interactive WatchNET IoT platform with dashboard,
search and notification settings
* Magnetized ABS enclosure for easy installation


• Smart Agriculture
• Smart Cities
• Energy and Utilities
• Smart Operations
• Smart Building
• Smart Metering


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