Ultimate sensor for controlled Agriculture Environment

Model Number : AG-A9B

The Agriculture Tag (AG-A9B) has been developed by WatchNET Inc. to provide a cost-effective solution for monitoring the environment in which plants are grown. The AG-A9B can accurately measure soil moisture and temperature/humidity of the surrounding air. Furthermore, the orientation and movement status of the AG-A9B is also measured for plant security/integrity.

The sensor readings are communicated to the WatchNET Inc. platform via WatchNET hub devices. The WatchNET Inc. platform enables you to view the location and alert notifications, and easily configure system-level behaviour based upon events for different business needs. The same controls are accessible to 3rd party applications via JSON API to the WatchNET server.


• Easy to install and operate
• Long battery life of up to 24 months
• Air temperature/humidity and soil moisture measurement every 60 seconds
• Reports proximity every 10 seconds to GSM or WiFi readers
• Reports ‘movement’ and ‘tip’ events
• Up to 80m/262.4ft range


• Measure Temperature / Humidity at the plant level
• Accurate Moisture measurement for each plant
• Notification of Tilt and Movement of Plants
• 24/7 inventory management and control of each plant
• Virtual Fence (Locate movement of plants within the facility)
• Real-time notifications and alerts by APP, SMS and E-Mail


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