Noise Sensor for noise level detection from 30 to 130dB

Model Number : WLRC-S59

The WLRC-S59 is a wireless communication device that detects noise. The main unit and the noise sensor communicate via the RS485 connection interface, and it sends detected data to the other device via a wireless network with LoRaTM wireless communication protocol standards. The noise sensor adopts a high-sensitivity pickup with a stable signal and high precision. It has the characteristics of a wide measurement range, good linearity, convenient use, easy installation and long transmission distance.

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• Super Long Range Signal Penetration

• 12V DC adapter power supply

• Easy Installation

• RS485 communication

• Improved interference immunity

• Interactive WatchNET IoT platform with dashboard, search and notification settings


• Noise level detection

• Warehouses, computer rooms, production workshops, archives, libraries, schools, shopping malls, smart homes, building control, airport, railway stations, etc.



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